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online galleries

Welcome to the easiest photo sharing experience of all time. All of our clients have their own personal online gallery, only accessible by email, filled with sneak peeks and unlimited high-resolution images waiting to be downloaded! Through the gallery you can add your most LOVED photos to a 'favorites' list, share through social media platforms, email to family and friends, download to your computer and even access our store to order prints, canvases, and more!


delivering images

do you include 2nd photographers?

Second shooter photographers are included in our Classic and Luxurious packages. Shoot us an email to receive more information about our packages!

can we meet prior to booking?

Of course! I love meeting over coffee.
This is the perfect time to go over your wedding day timeline, and contract!

do you offer engagement sessions?

We offer complimentary engagement sessions when you book a wedding package with us! If you are just needing an engagement session only, you can purchase one a la carte.

can you hold our date?

Only after you book you wedding date with us, signed the contract, and paid your deposit will your date be held.

should we provide you with a shot list?

A shot list is not necessary! I love looking for candid, natural moments as well as photography the posed creative moments my team and I love. The only 'list' we ask for, is for family portraits. That typically helps make them go orderly, and fast!

what equipment do you use?

I am a Canon user, and currently shoot with two Canon 5D Mark IV's and with a variety of lenses, several flashes and the Magmod system.

how long will it take to receive my images?

For weddings, you can expect to receive your images no later than 45 days after your wedding day. Depending on how busy the season is, you could receive them sooner!

where are you located?

My home base is in Fort Worth, about fifteen minutes from downtown. I'll travel anywhere, though! I'm always up for an adventure.

what should i wear for my photos?

Colors that flow with one another, and compliment you and the season are what I suggest. There is a nifty site called Design Seeds which is perfect for finding the best color combination.