-Maya angelou

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

Since I was a kid I've been creating art. I draw, I paint and I experiment to find new ways of expressing my creativity. When I first picked up my camera it was no different! It all started with an eye for creativity and a dream. I planned photo shoots with my friends, photographed nature and documented the life around me. One of my favorite aspects of what I do is creating amazing photos in the most unlikely of places. My clients know these as my weird shots. Haha!

My friends know that I have a heart for people. It is incredibly humbling to be allowed into someone's life and to listen to their stories. I couldn't be happier that I have the opportunity to get to know the folks I meet and their families.

I believe that life is what you make it to be, and I choose for mine to be made up of kindness, love and a whole lot of laughter!  


i'm jessica rambo-ferris
and i like good coffee & meeting new people

i love my cat, sunday mornings, and shopping at target

I'm happily married to a rockin' musician who has the best sense of humor, and who knows how to make me smile, even when I'm not. When I'm not out there documenting life, you'll find me snuggled up in cozy pajamas, sippin' on my pumpkin spice latte, catching up on my Netflix game or kicking my husband's butt playing Super Smash Bros! I was once described as a ball of sunshine, and I don't think there's been a truer statement. Ha!

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