Well, hello there busy season! Finally, I’m getting around to blogging again and one day I’ll actually be more consistent with it. 😉

To kick off this Summer season, I’m so happy to share this lovely engagement session taken at the very place that Marcus proposed to April last year, which I had no idea until we arrived. Trinity Park in Fort Worth is one of my favorite locations, in my favorite city. Honestly, I feel so honored to be their photographer, and I’m looking forward to their October wedding this Fall!

Marcus is actually my husband Jake’s second cousin, and I have known him for 4 years, and recently I have LOVED getting to know April over coffee, since meeting her for the first time at my wedding last year. Together, these two are the cutest, and occasionally Marcus makes a cheesy joke, and April responds with a laugh, shaking her head at his jokes. They were all smiles during their session, which only shows me how great their wedding day will be.

Marcus + April, thank you for being you, and having me to photograph your love.


Brandon and Tanisha’s wedding day finally arrived! It was a cool, sunny Spring day in April at the beautiful Brik Venue just outside of downtown Fort Worth. The weather could not have been any better! Without a cloud in the sky, these love birds got dressed, smiled alongside loved one, and said their I do’s before family and friends. I had been long awaiting their big day, and finally seeing every detail that Tanisha hand picked, placed in just the right spot, made it so worthwhile. I loved having the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous celebration of love! Brandon, is my husband’s step-brother, and being able to do what I love for family meant so much to me! The venue was decorated in natural greenery, lit with candles and lanterns, and accented with blush pink, and white florals. It truly was a beautiful wedding! Once the reception opened, guests were treated to Chik-fil-a, good drinks, and great music! The dance floor opened up, and friends and family gathered to dance the night away with the bride and groom.

Brandon and Tanisha, thank you for having me as your photographer, and I wish you many blessings for your years to come!


This Spring has been one of my busiest seasons yet! I’ve been photographing gorgeous weddings, and portrait sessions each week and I’m continuously blessed with the opportunities I’ve been given. So, I’m finally getting around to blogging again! Oftentimes, my blogging capabilities are sporadic, haha. Stay tuned, you’ll be seeing a lot more posts from me! 🙂

Kelsey, is featured today! Her senior session has become one of my most favorite sessions to date! This girl here will be graduating from college with a Masters Degree in Economics this month! I’m honored to be her photographer, and friend, and SO excited to see where life takes you!

Congrats Kelsey, on all your accomplishments! I’m so excited for you, and cannot wait to see where you go from here.


Family. One word, filled with a whole lot of love! Some might say crazy, but maybe that’s just me, lol! 😉 Family life is often times messy, and a spoonful of crazy, but never forgettable. Over the last couple of years, I’ve taken a step back and examined my approach to the classic family session, my mini sessions- really just any session that involved children, so that I could photograph in a more authentic way. Capturing moments of love, and laughter as they happen. Family life, living with children, is not perfect! Currently, I don’t have a child at home, and my sleep schedule is pretty consistent… For now. 😉 However, I’ve spent the last two years working as a pre-school teacher, and have learned so much from the students I taught.

The Martinez family traveled to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for their gorgeous Spring mini-session! This day was truly one of the best Spring days we’ve had! With beautiful sun kissed light, and not a dark cloud in the sky, I captured every smiles, and candid moment that played before me. With two of the most energetic, and curious kiddos I’ve ever photographed I knew this session was going to be one to remember. Kids will be kids, they say!

Martinez family, thank you for having me as your photographer! I so very enjoyed this mini-session.


There are times when you feel inspired as an artist, and often, there are times where you struggle with feeling creative- begging for a way to break free, and create… whatever that may be. Much like any artist these times have frustrated me. However, it is only when this occurs that you realize you are onto something-something challenging, exhausting, and big… bigger than you. I’ve always been up for a good challenge here and there, and never faltered at the opportunity to jump onto the next big project. Sometimes, you don’t discover the project, and instead the project discovers you. Fast forward to when my dear friend Liza and I met for coffee, laughing over the internet’s funny video of the day, and catching up on each other’s lives when we began discussing a set of stories she wished to write. Liza, ever the writer, was brewing up a creative project of her own. Little did I know at the time, that our paths would soon collide to allow this set to come to life. I expressed interest in the stories she was creating, and could see the pictures form in my mind-the details, the scene, all of it needed to have an air of magic about it.

Movies and music have always been a driving force to the way I create, and the stories I tell. In almost every aspect of my life as an artist, I can clearly see where music has influenced me, and driven my creative core. For this series, Liza’s stories were playing out like a film reel-running through each scene, each character’s movements all while a dramatic film score played through, timing perfectly with each moment being played out. This series has been quietly cradled by Liza, myself and the other’s who have work with us. We are so very excited to finally present the images. The characters we have featured are Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel and Belle. Each of their stories melds with the next, and while photographs can be taken in an instant, the story as a whole is far from complete.

Thank you for sharing in this glimpse of magic.


Hair and Makeup: Sonia Still
Tutus: Bella Olivia Tutus & Accessories
Creative Director: Liza Rine
Photography: Jessica Rambo Photography
Maleficent’s Dress: Antique shop
Maleficent’s Crown & Staff: DIY
Snow White’s Top: Hips & Curves
Snow White’s Crown: DIY


Sleeping Beauty

Snow White