December 27, 2017

Best of 2017: Personal + Travel | Texas Wedding Photographer

Friends, 2017 has been good to me… really good to me. Like, ‘Peppermint mocha has just been released at Starbucks’ level of good, okay. This was my first official year doing photography full-time, and I survived. It was rough for a bit, but I made it, and had the busiest year I’ve EVER had. This year I had the opportunity to finally attend Fort Worth Camera’s annual Foto Fest, because I didn’t have a job keeping me from signing up for several classes throughout the day. One of the classes I attended, was at the Fort Worth Zoo, and I brought my mom along because she expressed interest not long before about how much she missed going. And let’s be honest… I haven’t been to the zoo in like 15 years. It’s been a little while. 🙂

Among the busy seasons I had, I managed to accomplish one of my resolutions for 2017, that I made nearly a year ago for New Years, and that was to travel. I didn’t care if it was domestic, or international, I just needed to travel, and take some time for myself. My husband and I had the pleasure of joining a friend and her husband on a road trip to Colorado back in August. Jake, got to go two years ago, but I had never been. If you’ve known me, you’ve probably heard me proclaim my love for the mountains and pines, and how I could see myself living in a house or cabin surrounded by trees, close to the mountains, listening to my Bob Dylan and Avett Brothers vinyls until my heart bursts from happiness and contentment. That’s the dream. Alas, I don’t live near mountains, and as of right now I won’t be moving out of good ol’ Texas any time soon. So, to quench my thirst for mountain life, we traveled the long haul to Colorado, and stayed in the cutest Air BnB I’ve ever seen, and experienced incredible adventures I will always remember. My favorite part of our adventures was the trek up to the Pike’s Peak summit. A great 14,114 foot elevation, with an amazing view all the way up. We saw mountain goats, gophers, chipmunks, but no mountain lions or bears (which I was hoping for. ha!) The fog set in big time, if I had a butter knife on me, I’m sure I could slice right through it. On a typical day, you could see for miles at the Pike’s Peak summit. But not the day we were up there. That fog was THICK. It made for this ethereal view around you, like you weren’t actually in Colorado, but somewhere like Scotland or Iceland. Just greenery, cold, and fog.

Two months later, I’m back in Texas and gearing up for my one woman traveling show, in which I part from my husband and set out for the Garden State, of New Jersey for a little work-cation as I refer to it. A vacation meets, one-on-one time with my mentor and one of best friends Leaha of Popography. Jake, had considered going, as he has never traveled to the Northeast but we both decided that to make the most of my trip, to learn and to grow mentally, spiritually, and as a photographer I needed to go by myself. I’m ever so grateful that I did. I spent quality time with Leaha, her husband Jeff, and their young son Trace. We made Halloween cookies, trick or treated, watched scary ghost shows and hung out. We enjoyed some time, sitting lakeside on a giant boulder beside their dock, watching the sun set over the water. When we weren’t relaxing at their cozy casa, we were on the road to see Liberty State Park, and the gorgeous view of Manhattan from Jersey. It was an amazing view, and the most beautiful day. As we were wrapping things up and ready to call it a day and start the drive home, Leaha had noticed a small group preparing for some afternoon fishing at the Hudson Bay. It was a really cool set up to see fishing, paired against the greatest city scape. It was such a contrast, which made for some pretty cool photos.

Overall, I would say this year has brought me many memories, and has allowed me to grow as a human, and as an artist. I’ve learned that I’m not just a wedding photographer, I’m a photographer. Creating art, and capturing memories of all kinds.


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