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Family Vacation | Miramar Beach, Florida

Look, I’m sure I can’t be the only one who struggles to keep you all updated on the goings-on of my photography life, right? Like, the struggle is REAL when it comes to sitting down and focusing up to write a blog or two. I mean, here I am editing, and editing, and editing because […]

June 12, 2018


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Hello Spring | Texas Tulips Farm in Pilot Point, TX

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” -Robin Williams It’s that wonderful time of year in Texas when the cold wintry air starts to drift away, and the sun begins to warm the ground before you. Sun rays gleam through the turning leaves, and gently flickers on your skin as you breathe in that […]

March 7, 2018


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An unexpected Moment of Creativity

Pluviophile (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Do you ever just take a minute for yourself? Like, step away from the hustle and bustle of life to just breath in fresh air, and exhale all the stress that builds up over time? I realized that […]

February 28, 2018


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Anndora + Regan | Fort Worth Trinity Park

When I first started taking photos, it was a hobby that was quickly burning into a passion. My first ever models in front of my lens, were my friends! I was constantly thinking up new photo shoots, and would tell my friends exactly what kind of outfits I was imagining, and whatever they had in […]

February 9, 2018

Personal, Portraits

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Redoux Couture | Downtown Dallas

Folks, I’ll be honest. It’s been ten days since my last blog post and I’ve been slacking! Without tea or coffee in my hand, I’m pretty much useless. Ha! 😉 January has been busier than it ever has, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Life is keeping me on my toes, challenging me, […]

January 29, 2018


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Behind the Scenes: 2017

Well, here we are. The last day of 2017. The last page on this chapter of a year, soon to be turned to a brand new year, with new experiences, adventures, and people to meet. I’ve been sincerely blessed to do what I love full-time. I know this whole week I’ve been one big sappy […]

December 31, 2017

Behind the Scenes, Personal

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Best of 2017: Weddings

With every Blog post comes great responsibility to write something worth reading, right? To write something interesting, with a little witty and humor thrown in, and enveloped in a sense of love and passion for what you’re talking about. There are times when the words do not come together so free-flowing from my mind, and […]

December 29, 2017

Personal, Weddings

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Best of 2017: Portraits

This year has brought me new faces, and past clients, too! I’ve been blessed with a busy year, and I couldn’t be more thankful. For my first year as an official full-time photographer, I’ve seen new places, and photographed more faces than I have in previous years. Below, are some of my favorite pictures taken from different […]

December 29, 2017

Best Of, Personal, Portraits

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Best of 2017: Personal + Travel

Friends, 2017 has been good to me… really good to me. Like, ‘Peppermint mocha has just been released at Starbucks’ level of good, okay. This was my first official year doing photography full-time, and I survived. It was rough for a bit, but I made it, and had the busiest year I’ve EVER had. This […]

December 27, 2017


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