March 7, 2018

Hello Spring | Texas Tulips Farm in Pilot Point, TX

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”
-Robin Williams

It’s that wonderful time of year in Texas when the cold wintry air starts to drift away, and the sun begins to warm the ground before you. Sun rays gleam through the turning leaves, and gently flickers on your skin as you breathe in that fresh Spring air. Outside, there is a story taking place. The old is traded for new, color returns to the nature around you, and flowers begin to bloom on the trees. There is new life, and hope that returns every year with Spring. A new chapter of life is beginning!

Friends, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE this time of year. It’s not too cold, not too warm. As Goldie Locks would say, “It’s just right.” 🙂 After Fall, Spring is my favorite season. While some would say Texas doesn’t have any seasons, I say it does! Albeit, a few short weeks because the sun blares down upon us in the heat of summer.

This year I’ve been looking for new adventures to experience; to see Texas, like I never have before! Traveling is a favorite past time of mine, and I’m planning on traveling throughout this great state more this year. One of my stops, that I learned about through Facebook, was the Texas Tulips farm in Pilot Point, TX. This was such a neat experience! Surrounded by colorful tulips, I carried a basket and picked my own tulips; photographing them along the way. It was a little over an hour away from my home in Fort Worth, but I think it was worth the drive! I hope you enjoy the colors of Spring displayed below.


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